The GATTINI-DomeA Project


The percentage and duration of dark time for optical astronomy is a critical value for ascertaining the quality of Dome A as a site for future optical observatory. The GATTINI instrument consists of a CCD camera for the measurement of optical sky brightness, detection of bright aurora, cloud cover, and variability of airglow of the winter sky above Dome A. The camera is located on the roof of PLATO and points towards the South Pole, taking images of the night sky every few minutes. Gattini takes wide field images (90°) using several filters including a long pass red filter for the detection of airglow.

Gattini install Gattini installed on the roof of the instrument module (Jan 2009)

Refereed papers from Gattini

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SPIE instrumentation papers from Gattini

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Gattini-Dome A fabrication team

C. Kulesa Steward Observatory
A. Moore Caltech Optical Observatories (PI)
R. Riddle TMT (co-PI)
W. Saunders AAO
N. Tothill Uni Exeter (co-PI)
T. Travouillon Caltech (co-PI)
Z. Zhenxi Purple Mountain Observatory
G. Allen Solar Mobility Pty.Ltd.

Gattini-Dome A financial contributions

National Science Foundation SGER Astronomy/OPP
Apogee CCDs Inc. Sacramento, CA
C. Beichman JPL/MSC
P. Espy BAS
N. Suntzeff Texas A&M