DASLE (Dome A Surface Layer Experiment) is a proposed experiment to study the meteorological conditions in the atmospheric boundary layer.These measuerments are critical to the site evaluation of Dome A. Studies at South Pole and Dome C have shown that a strong temperature inversion causes most of the turbulence responsible for the image degradation of the telescopes. DASLE will measure the intensity and vertical extend of the boundary layer using three fast sonic anemometers. These instruments measure temperature and wind velocity at 200Hz from which turbulence can be deduced. Installed along a 15m tower (which can be upgraded to 30m), the sensors will teach us if Dome A has the thin boundary layer that it is expected to have when compared to other locations on the plateau.

Sonics Close-up of one of the sonic anemometers

DASLE fabrication team

A. Moore Caltech Optical Observatories (co-PI)
R. Riddle TMT (co-PI)
W. Saunders AAO
N. Tothill Uni Exeter (co-PI)
T. Travouillon Caltech (PI)
Z. Zhenxi Purple Mountain Observatory

DASLE financial contributions

National Science Foundation SGER Astronomy/OPP
C. Beichman JPL/MSC
P. Espy BAS
N. Suntzeff Texas A&M