PLATO webcameras

PLATO has four wireless Linksys WVC-2300 webcams and four Watec video cameras that feed into an Axis video digitiser. The Watec cameras have been cold tested to below –80°C and do not require any heating except for the occasional deicing of the lens, making them ideal for use in Antarctica. The four cameras are mounted on the roof of the instrument module and are used to monitor the external experiments and engine module. Every hour or so, the supervisor computers push a new set of camera images to the rest of the world via the Iridium satellite network.

Please note that if the sun is directly in the field or it is completely dark, the image may appear as static-noise due to the automatic gain control of the camera. In these situations, the images are not updated.

Latest Camera Image The PLATO engine module. The ribbon tower shown in the forground allows for a visual indication of the wind speed and direction.

Latest Camera Image The PLATO solar panels

Latest Camera Image The Gattini camera on the roof of the PLATO instrument module