Ubob: seven Logitech webcams

Ubob is a very simple array of seven Logitech webcams that give a 360 degree panorama from the top of the PLATO-R Instrument Module.

The primary use of Ubob is diagnostic, so that, e.g., we can see the amount of ice buildup on instruments. We also have an LED light that can illuminate the HEAT instrument during winter. The SCAR flag provides an indication of the amount of wind. Ubob is very useful when scheduling the servicing flights, so that we have a good idea of the visibility.

The most recent Ubob panaroma is stored here.

Here are two example images. You can download these and zoom in to see more details.

Ubob montage A Ubob mosaic from 7 November 2013, when PLATO-R was running on solar power. From left to right the images show, HRCAM3 and the sun, one of the two Iridium antennae, the SCAR flag, the LED light and HEAT, the solar panels, nothing interesting, and the second Iridium antenna.
Ubob montage A Ubob mosaic from 29 November 2013.