Meteorological tower

A 16m meteorological tower at Dome F provides temperature, pressure and wind-speed measurements at a number of heights. The temperature sensors—at heights of 0, 4, 7, 10, 13 and 16m—are PT100 devices manufactured by Teijin Engineering Limited. Data are logged using a TR-V500 (Keyence), and returned to Japan via the Iridium satellite network. In addition to the temperature sensors, there are sonic anemometers (Climatec CYG-81000, with a Climatec C-CR1000X data logger) at 7m and 16m, and a barometer (Climatec CYG-61002).

Weather tower at Dome F The weather tower at Dome F, January 2011. The PLATO-F Instrument Module is the yellow box. Snodar is the aluminium-clad truncated cone (credit: Hirofumi Okita)


Principal Investigator: Takashi Ichikawa

Participating institutions in alphabetical order

TOHUKO logo Tohuko University, Japan